My name is Ashley. I am the worst thing in the world; I am bored. At 26 years old I’m already bored. I’ve been searching for my thing. My job? Yes, I love it, I’ve been in the same place for 10 years. I was the lucky one who had a Co-Op in high school that set me up for success. Yes, it took work and a degree but I had a company that worked with me and I still enjoy working there. But that’s work – and I need something more than work. So a hobby, yes let’s find one. Dog training? Oh, I like this one but it’s something my husband and I do. I need something for me. Yoga? I love yoga! But I like yoga in the morning, not in the evening. Specifically, I love sunrise sun salutations, that’s a small window. And I wake up at 6 AM to be at work by 8 AM, I think I miss sunrise in that getting ready part. Photography? I’m trying but I’m still a novice, though I’ve cranked out some really great dog portraits. People? Not so much. I love to draw, in CAD. Yea pencil and paper? Not my thing unless I have a drafting board and a parallel bar. Not exactly something that would inspire the masses. I’ve remodeled and drawn the addition for my home and while it amazes me, my husband says “looks good” and that’s it. He’s not being cruel, it’s just technical art. I want something that I can show my soul with, something that I can pull it apart and piece it back together the same but better. Oh. Writing. Writing for someone who is in engineering, someone who is math based, someone who really needs spell check and Word saying “girl you need like 5 commas in this sentence.” But it’s something I do every time I need freedom to be myself-I write. So I’ll write for me. And for you. Because maybe you’re like me, maybe you’re confused and bored and just trying to figure it out. Maybe you need a hand sticking up in the crowd of mid 20’s happily married homeowners going to the Bahamas every year saying “Hey! Nope not me, my last vacation was my honeymoon and it was a 3-hour drive away and was only $93 a night for the house! And yea I’m a homeowner, to a house that needs badly updated, is only 900 sq ft and the roof leaks and its really only worth about $40k. It was my early inheritance because my family didn’t want to pay the taxes on it after my great-great aunt died.” Maybe I can be that hand for you because I don’t understand how they do it either.