Smile Direct Club -End of Month 1


Please ignore my crappy early morning face 🙂 I started Month 2 Week 1 of my smile direct aligners yesterday. The only tooth I noticed moving in the past month was this guy


But he moved a fair amount and is almost inline with the rest of my front teeth now. Yay! My bottom teeth aren’t really moving with the program from what I saw in my treatment plan. The bottom aligner this week rubbed the side of my tongue so much it formed little painful bumps. So I said screw that and went back to my previous bottom aligner. I still had to trim the top piece a lot to make it comfortable but it seems to be going quicker since I know how it’s supposed to look now.


Smile Direct Club Month 1

I’ve always hated my teeth but braces were out of the question at $7200. I wouldn’t say they’re horrible – just one wonky tooth and some unevenness but enough to make me self conscious. I kept seeing Smile Direct Club pop up and finally looked into it. The Impression kit was on sale for $35 on black Friday and I decided why not. Here’s what’s happened so far.


November 25th: I ordered my impression kit and signed my consent forms.

December 2nd: I received my impression kit.

December 4th: I sent the photos of my mouth with the stretchers.

December 5th: My photos were approved.

December 12th: I sent off my impression kit. I also called customer service this day to change my credit card on file.  (My credit card company offered me 0% interest until 2018 so I paid in full for my aligners instead of the payment plan.) I know many of the reviews about SDC’s customer service are bad – but I had a great experience. I called around 12:30 pm and was off the phone in less than 10 minutes.

December 14th: My impression kit was delivered to Smile Direct in Tennessee.

December 20th: I was sent an email saying they were building my treatment plan and it would be ready to view in the next 7 to 10 business days.

December 27th: My treatment plan was emailed to me (quicker than 7 business days considering the holidays).

January  2nd: My aligners started printing.

January 3rd: My aligners shipped via USPS.

January 7th: My aligners were delivered.

My bottom try fit perfectly but my top tray required A LOT of filing, the plastic was digging into the roof of my mouth and there was no way they were going in. I started filling them and eventually ended up cutting them with a small pair of scissors and nippers since filing was a very slow going process. I was shipped 3 sets of aligners and I’ll have to cut all of them before putting them in. A few hours later I did have some tooth pain, biting down on my finger worked fairly well. Along with ice water and Ibuprofen the pain/discomfort went away after about an hour.

Sleeping in them is weird but not too bad and today I haven’t had any pain from them at all. So I’m thinking a day adjustment period is normal and them you’re fine. I will say I feel like I’ll be eating a lot less. It’s hassle to take them out, eat a hand full of nuts, brush, floss, and then put aligners back in. I don’t see mindless snacking in my next 4-5.5 months.

Treatment Plan

 Top/Bottom/Side. I acutally don’t think my bottom teeth are going to move at all – just my top teeth.



This post is NOT sponsored by Smile Direct Club, nor was I asked/contacted by the company in any way to write this post. All opinions and experience are 100% my own.