A Week in Photos (2/19-2/26)

Image-1 (1).jpg

Maybe my camera roll is always all over the place.

  1. We bought a Jeep for our dogs!
  2. A funny little thing I sent to my husband. Mieke actually has jumped out of a window before and gave us both a heart attack. Luckily we were coming to a stop when she jumped. Ozzy once before full on ran from both of us because he found a fried chicken breast on the side of the road during a walk. Who just throws food out?!
  3. My stitches came out this week. It’s super itchy now but everything is healing well!
  4. Another funny thing I saw on facebook and sent.
  5. Sheba and Cali, my boss’ dogs stopping by the office after a trip to the groomers.
  6. A great bottle of wine that was stored incorrectly. I was sending this to the lady I ordered from so she could tell someone (??)

A Week in Photos (2/12-2/18)


My camera roll this week is all over the place.

  1.  Ollie. Our little rumpy manx kitty all stretched out.
  2. A weekend in the 60’s begged me to put up my eno and then the wind tried to blow me away after this photo. February in SC is warm and windy now?
  3. Lilly my red eared slider.
  4. My first transition dye to gray/silver/brunette hair. This is actually my salons photo but my hair will never look that good again probably .
  5. Moo and Oaks all tucked in for the night.
  6. The after math of a dog bite. Gross right? Looks much better now.


Smile Direct Club -End of Month 1


Please ignore my crappy early morning face 🙂 I started Month 2 Week 1 of my smile direct aligners yesterday. The only tooth I noticed moving in the past month was this guy


But he moved a fair amount and is almost inline with the rest of my front teeth now. Yay! My bottom teeth aren’t really moving with the program from what I saw in my treatment plan. The bottom aligner this week rubbed the side of my tongue so much it formed little painful bumps. So I said screw that and went back to my previous bottom aligner. I still had to trim the top piece a lot to make it comfortable but it seems to be going quicker since I know how it’s supposed to look now.

He saved me in a way only a dog could save a girl.


Oswald “Ozzy” Beauregard March 2004 – January 2016

Ozzy was a shepherd/chow possibly black bear mix.
He was always exactly what I needed him to be.
When I was a moody teenager he scouted ahead of me in the woods and protected me from running headlong into danger when I was trying to escape the world.
When I was scared of my parents fighting, he sat on the back deck with me and let me push my head into his chest to drown out the sounds.
When I was sad he’d always let me use him as a tissue and lick the tears away. The only time he licked actually.
When my dad died, he was what kept me here.
When I was happy…well my childhood/teenage-hood wasn’t happy so he was always this calm presence in  my life. Looking back he was probably my version of a therapy dog.
When I left for college and came home every weekend he was always happy to see me and always chased me down the driveway when I left.


I finally was able to move into the house in front of my mothers. I was happy. He was happy. And we had an amazing 3 1/2 years of girl and dog time. But I was happy and I think he started to see that his job was done. Momma was happy. On Janurary 10, 2016 I called him in for the night. He would never stay in a kennel or in the house except when it was raining or night time, we lived in the country and I was never too worried. We called and called. So I hopped in my car knowing that when he hear my car he always came out from where ever he was hiding. He didn’t. I found my sweet boy on the side of the road. And I shattered. He’d been hit by a car and who ever hit him drug him out of the way. I screamed. I cried. I couldn’t remember my house number to call my husband to come help me. I could only remember my mom’s number. I called screaming. I couldn’t string words together. I had to get in my car and leave him. I collapsed in my carport in my husband’s arms and all I could say was Ozzy over and over again.


I had to say goodbye to the only constant thing in my life and the only thing that had ever kept me together. I had to show my one year old dog her older bother’s body and watch her accept his death easier than I ever could.


My family showed up and helped dig his grave. I sat at the edge and said goodbye. My mom’s old cat came up from her house and sat next to the grave. He had known Oz his whole life. And then He watched something, someone walked to the edge and this his eyes followed that same something away. The anniversary of my Dad’s death is January 8th. I fully believe my dad came and got Ozzy and my mom’s cat watched everything.


Ozzy dying has been the hardest moment of my life and that’s bad considering I’ve lost a parent. But him dying forced me into therapy to deal with not only his death but my dad’s death. He saved me again even when he wasn’t physically here.

His death profoundly changed something in me. Because of that I have molded my life around dogs. I rescued a dog in his honor. I’ve put in applications to be a foster mom for dogs. His legacy will live on as me saving the ones the world has forgotten, just like he saved me when I thought the world had forgotten.


“Some people are afraid of dogs but I’m afraid of the opposite of dogs. The absence of dogs. Dogless space.”

Smile Direct Club Month 1

I’ve always hated my teeth but braces were out of the question at $7200. I wouldn’t say they’re horrible – just one wonky tooth and some unevenness but enough to make me self conscious. I kept seeing Smile Direct Club pop up and finally looked into it. The Impression kit was on sale for $35 on black Friday and I decided why not. Here’s what’s happened so far.


November 25th: I ordered my impression kit and signed my consent forms.

December 2nd: I received my impression kit.

December 4th: I sent the photos of my mouth with the stretchers.

December 5th: My photos were approved.

December 12th: I sent off my impression kit. I also called customer service this day to change my credit card on file.  (My credit card company offered me 0% interest until 2018 so I paid in full for my aligners instead of the payment plan.) I know many of the reviews about SDC’s customer service are bad – but I had a great experience. I called around 12:30 pm and was off the phone in less than 10 minutes.

December 14th: My impression kit was delivered to Smile Direct in Tennessee.

December 20th: I was sent an email saying they were building my treatment plan and it would be ready to view in the next 7 to 10 business days.

December 27th: My treatment plan was emailed to me (quicker than 7 business days considering the holidays).

January  2nd: My aligners started printing.

January 3rd: My aligners shipped via USPS.

January 7th: My aligners were delivered.

My bottom try fit perfectly but my top tray required A LOT of filing, the plastic was digging into the roof of my mouth and there was no way they were going in. I started filling them and eventually ended up cutting them with a small pair of scissors and nippers since filing was a very slow going process. I was shipped 3 sets of aligners and I’ll have to cut all of them before putting them in. A few hours later I did have some tooth pain, biting down on my finger worked fairly well. Along with ice water and Ibuprofen the pain/discomfort went away after about an hour.

Sleeping in them is weird but not too bad and today I haven’t had any pain from them at all. So I’m thinking a day adjustment period is normal and them you’re fine. I will say I feel like I’ll be eating a lot less. It’s hassle to take them out, eat a hand full of nuts, brush, floss, and then put aligners back in. I don’t see mindless snacking in my next 4-5.5 months.

Treatment Plan

 Top/Bottom/Side. I acutally don’t think my bottom teeth are going to move at all – just my top teeth.



This post is NOT sponsored by Smile Direct Club, nor was I asked/contacted by the company in any way to write this post. All opinions and experience are 100% my own.

I Will Fight

November 9, 2016

No matter who runs our country, it does not change my views or my beliefs. I believe climate change is an imminent threat, I believe in women’s rights and our right to chose, I believe in equality for all genders, nationalities, colors and orientations. I will still fight for these things.

I will pay a voluntary Carbon Tax to offset my carbon footprint. I will recycle more. I will grow and buy as much food “farm to table” and organic as I possibly can. I will do my part to save our world. I will not wait for someone to tell me I have to or tell me climate change is a hoax. I will be the change.

I will support my sisters. I will not judge for what she does in her personal life, it is not and has never been my place, Her Body, Her Rules. I will not undermine another woman’s success, I will congratulate her for working hard and reaching her goal. When I see my sisters facing oppression and losing their voice, I will speak for them. I have never hid behind or cowered before anyone and I will not start today. I will be your voice.

I will see your soul. You are not your color, your gender, your nationality, your orientation. You are a soul God created to be loved, not hated, I will love what He created. I will speak up when I hear intolerance and backwards view. I will be a small voice saying This is not okay. I will love you, for you.

I won’t say I’m not scared, That I’m not pissed off., I am. But instead of sitting in a corner I will use this anger to fuel the change I want to see. Oh but I’m only one person? Yes I am one person, one strong and determined person who just happens to do her best work when she’s angry.

“May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears.” – Nelson Mandela