I am Incomplete Without You – Page 4

What was the sky like the first time you fell in love?

I don’t know if this was the first time I fell in love but I know it was the beginnings of love. I was in high school, around 14 years old I believe. It was after a home football game. It was a little cold, the sky was clear and dark with pin pricks of light scattered across it. The field lights were glowing behind the study hall building and the parking lot lights were giving the night an orange haze. Headlights would sweep across us as people left. Us. My group of friends and the guy that would help me to know love and heartbreak over the next 4 years of my life. Our friends walked to the parking lot and left us standing there, as 14 year olds do, we fidgeted and looked any where but at each other. My ride came and the headlights were on us. Someone yelled “just kiss her already” and he did. It was innocent, it was nothing remarkable at all but I remember that as our beginning.


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