I Am Incomplete Without You – Page 3 (& intro)

I Am Incomplete Without You – Iain Thomas

This is a poetry book of open ended questions, statements and prompts. If it’s bold – It’s Iain’s words. The rest are my own.

Fill in the blanks.

This book belongs to Ashley

When they were young, they always dreamed of being normal and outgoing.

They wished upon a star that one day, someone would love me. Not that people didn’t but I always wished for a special love. Growing up with no father for a time as a child always made me question if there was something wrong with me that made people leave.

Wherever they go, they take their water bottle with them. I cannot for the life of me think of something besides water. I always always have water with me.

Now, even thought they have grown up and hurt and loved and have broken, they still have a blind faith in the world and the good that lives in people.

Every. Single. Day.

Because that’s what being hopeful means


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