I Will Fight

November 9, 2016

No matter who runs our country, it does not change my views or my beliefs. I believe climate change is an imminent threat, I believe in women’s rights and our right to chose, I believe in equality for all genders, nationalities, colors and orientations. I will still fight for these things.

I will pay a voluntary Carbon Tax to offset my carbon footprint. I will recycle more. I will grow and buy as much food “farm to table” and organic as I possibly can. I will do my part to save our world. I will not wait for someone to tell me I have to or tell me climate change is a hoax. I will be the change.

I will support my sisters. I will not judge for what she does in her personal life, it is not and has never been my place, Her Body, Her Rules. I will not undermine another woman’s success, I will congratulate her for working hard and reaching her goal. When I see my sisters facing oppression and losing their voice, I will speak for them. I have never hid behind or cowered before anyone and I will not start today. I will be your voice.

I will see your soul. You are not your color, your gender, your nationality, your orientation. You are a soul God created to be loved, not hated, I will love what He created. I will speak up when I hear intolerance and backwards view. I will be a small voice saying This is not okay. I will love you, for you.

I won’t say I’m not scared, That I’m not pissed off., I am. But instead of sitting in a corner I will use this anger to fuel the change I want to see. Oh but I’m only one person? Yes I am one person, one strong and determined person who just happens to do her best work when she’s angry.

“May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears.” – Nelson Mandela


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